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The Gateway School of Speech and Drama is geared to give children confidence in communicating and performing effectively in the field of drama. A panel of qualified teachers covers a wide syllabus, consisting of Speech and Drama, Spoken English, Mime etc. Individual attention is given to students within small groups, in order to develop the student's skills and correct their language defects. Students are presented for both foreign and local examinations, through the following institution according to their age and ability.

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) Examinations offers performance based qualifications, carefully refined and developed over many years by experts in education, communication and acting. In addition to being the largest communication and Performance awarding organisation in the UK, LAMDA Examinations has a reputation for excellence across the globe. The Candidates will be examined on the same standard using the same material irrespective of what part of the world they are from. The set selection put out by LAMDA Examinations ensures that these standards are maintained while leading the candidates towards the best of the world's contemporary writing. LAMDA Examinations offers qualifications in Speech Communication, Performance (solo and duo) and Group Work.
Trinity College, London (TCL) offers the widest and most up-to date range of assessment in the performing and communicative arts. Trinity examinations are offered in over 60 countries and are fully accredited in the UK. Their qualifications are recognized for education and employment in many countries. Trinity's trained and experienced examiners assess the individual candidate's ability to perform and the range of subject offer a virtually unlimited scope and flexibility from Speech and Dram, Effective Communication, Acting, to even performing Arts. The whole syllabus has been subjected to extensive consultation and revision and is accessible to regardless of race, culture or learning difficulties.
The Institute of Western Music And Speech (IWMS) was founded in 1960, as the "Association of Teachers of Western Music and Dramatic Art". It was the combined effort of qualified and experienced teachers of Music, Speech and Drama dedicated to promote, nurture and develop the talents of the children of our country. Today the IWMS is a fully-fledged, state-recognized institute, incorporated in 1988. It has grown in stature and has established a reputation as the largest, most progressive and innovative, local examination board in Sri Lanka. The syllabuses complied by qualified and experienced examiners are in keeping with internationally accepted standards. The subjects comprise Speech and Drama, Spoken English, Effective Speaking, Choral Speech and Written English.
Colombo Academy Of Language Skills And Dramatic Art (CALSDA) offers a wide range of examinations in subjects that encompass oral, written and dramatic communication. Genuinely accessible and candidate-friendly syllabi that transcend racial, cultural and gender differences ensure that candidates are offered progressive preparation and assessment in speaking, reading, listening and writing at varied levels of education and proficiency. The CALSDA syllabi include not only examinations in Speech, Drama, Communication and related disciplines, but also preparatory evaluative examinations that will be immense value to students sitting for public examinations throughout the country.

Examinations offered at a Glance

Speech & Drama

Speech and Drama is a subject that offers progressive grasp, understanding, love and appreciation of different genres of literary texts such as drama, poetry and prose through the study of it as well as the performance of the same. Furthermore it explores the beauty of art of mime and improvisation as well.


In order to be a true student of Speech and Drama , acting is a subject component that has to be explored. Acting offers a comprehensive in-depth study of nuances of acting, stage direction, creating a sense of reality through the exploration of style, form, character, subtext and context across all periods of literature. It also provides an in-depth insight of theatre practitioners.

The Speaking of Verse & Prose

In order to effectively communicate the written word to a shared audience, the art of verse and prose communication comes in to play. Be it the performance of all mode of poetry or prose available or reading them to an audience in order to share it with them, Speaking Verse and Prose has it all covered.

Reading for Performance

As the name suggests Reading for Performance is a qualification that enables the learner acquire skills necessary for reading aloud to an audience via a devised recital. It helps the student develop interpretative skills as to how to engage imaginatively with the thought, emotion and style and form of the text and develop skills in voice diction, posture, reading aloud and audience communication.

Performing Text

Performing Text syllabus is designed for learners who want to engage with the spoken interpretation of a variety of texts including verse, prose, drama as well as passages written for political or ceremonial purposes and speeches delivered by significant public figures.

Spoken English

Spoken English is a supportive programme that is offered by the school to help students to gain confidence in the basic communicative language. The course is structured in a manner the students are exposed to vocabulary items , grammatical structures, basic conversational skills, and comprehension skills.

Communication Skills

Be it verbal or gesture, communication is a fundamental component of any language as it is a basis of expression of ideas. Thus the communications skills is a programme that is geared to ensure communication, whatever form in may occur, is received and comprehended well, which includes speech markers as well. It’s a subject component that allows a student to develop complex cognitive processing skills which pertain to different modes of communication.

Effective Communication & Public Speaking

As the name suggests, the programme is designed to acquire skills that are needed for effective, oral communication and public presentation. The skills acquired would be of immense value for students, professionals in any industry as a part of their professional as well as private lives to develop dynamic, effective and sensitive modes of conveying meaning and empathy.

Religious Reading

This is a unique subject that enables the learner acquire skills that are needed to appreciate reading and understanding religious texts, namely the Light of Asia, The Holy Bible, The Bhagavad Githa and The Holy Quran.

Devising Drama

This is a subject that is ideal for young aspiring script writers who loves to act as well. Devising Drama allows the student to develop their own dramatic script and to perform the same according to the set guidelines.

Group Drama & Choral Speech

An ideal examination for team building, shared responsibility and understanding the essence of group dynamics. Group examinations are looked forward to, by most students as it allows them to be a part of a larger group that is creative.

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